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Is Your Policy’s Coverage Enough To Protect You?

Is Your Policy’s Coverage Enough To Protect You?

True wealth is more than what you earn; what you retain and maintain also matters. Proper insurance coverage helps by protecting your assets from risks that can subtract value or cause costly harm. But do you have ample coverage? High net worth individuals often don’t. Many experience an insurance gap and require attention that’s above and beyond the scope of traditional mainstream products.

Umbrella Coverage for Reduced Liability
Sometimes those with significant wealth can be attractive litigation targets, even after less severe situations like a simple fender bender. Consider adding another layer of protection with an umbrella policy. This additional coverage picks up where your existing insurance leaves off to give you extra security and peace of mind.

Extensive Coverage for Real Estate
Whether you monetize them as rental homes or enjoy them as vacation getaways, having multiple properties in your portfolio can pose unique complications when it comes to homeowners insurance. Review your situation with a fine-toothed comb to properly insure personal property, and keep in mind that high-dollar items, like jewelry and art, may require additional endorsements.

Individualized Attention to Insurance Needs
Sophisticated asset protection may require different types of coverage. If you’re working directly with an agent who’s beholden to a single insurance company, you may be missing out on better, more protective alternatives from other insurers. An independent personal insurance manager can pick and choose policies from multiple insurers to get you coverage that’s customized to your needs.

Just because you’re adept at acquiring assets doesn’t mean you’re as savvy when it comes to protecting them. Choosing the right policies to insure your property will help guard your net worth against unexpected drops in value due to accident, theft and more.

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