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3 Ways to Maximize the College Tour Experience

3 Ways to Maximize the College Tour Experience

If your family is gearing up to make a college decision in the coming months, a tour of prospective campuses may be on your agenda. Here are a few strategic tips to help you compare higher education choices and get the most from your visit.

Explore Your Tour Options Well in Advance
Every college and university is different, and so are their visitation opportunities. Are you looking for an on-site overnight stay or the ability to meet with certain professors or departments? Check with the admissions office of each campus to determine your options. Candid, face-to-face time with current students can also provide a valuable look into everyday collegiate life.

Budget Appropriately
Like any trip, you can expect to spend on travel and meals, even if the campus tours are available at no cost. From a budget perspective, treat a college visitation like a vacation; explore the city as well as the neighborhoods surrounding the school to get an authentic feel for the overall environment.

Gather Details to Review Later
You can maximize the experience by putting the technology you’ve got on hand to work for you. Use your smartphone to record interviews with current students and faculty and take snapshots or video footage to keep the visit fresh in your mind. Don’t let the excitement of an institution’s grandeur overshadow the importance of capturing the information that will factor into a final acceptance decision.

Higher education is a serious financial investment. Despite all the research you do online, nothing beats going to the source, so make those firsthand moments count.

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